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See for yourself how The Rock has a positive effect on our youths.

The Rock Texas 2019 Promo Video

The ROCK, as this ministry is known, is derived from an abbreviation of the “Refuge Outfitters for Christ’s Kingdom”. The referenced Biblical verses below reveal what are truly inspirational thoughts directly from the heart of God.

2018 – 2019 Promo Video

It is the fervent hope of all individuals associated with The ROCK that all efforts accomplished in moving this ministry forward will benefit the youths who are touched by showing them that their Creator has indeed provided a Rock of Refuge for them, thus demonstrating His great love and never ending ability to provide for all of their needs as they interact with others, including schoolmates, friends, and family.

2017 Promo Video

The ROCK members’ collective prayer is that God will use each individual to “lead by example” in providing the Youth with a “blueprint” of what being a GODLY man or woman encompasses.

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This in turn will hopefully influence their future lives when they become husbands/wives, parents, and community leaders. When our hearts are troubled in times of distress, our loving God will always provide refuge, and a ROCK that will shelter us!