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We use an intense 
“outdoor with nature experience” to reach the hearts of the youths…

THE ROCK is a Christ based salvation ministry organization that uses an intense “outdoor with nature experience” (hunting/fishing/sports) as a tool to reach the hearts of youth in order to clearly relay the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Watch our videos.

The ROCK functions as a facilitator and coordinator between numerous Dallas/Fort Worth area youth focused organizations engaged in educating youth in the gospel message of Jesus Christ and his church AND owners/caretakers of properties/venues with adequate facilities/opportunities who are willing to provide the youth with a weekend outdoor experience.

The youth are witnesses to the lives and actions of Christian men (their mentors) for this time period where they may see, interact, and participate in various outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, hiking, and team sports. The goal is to “show by doing” how men of God enjoy the bounty of God’s natural wonders found outdoors and are able to interact with like-minded men in this endeavor. By providing the youth with this opportunity, the area organizations will be able to build on this weekend experience and continue to provide the youth with an ongoing mentoring relationship whereby they are better equipped with the “tools” provided by God to deal with a fallen world.

By taking to heart the Bible verse found in Proverbs 22:6 (NIV) “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it”, the founders and Board of Directors of The ROCK Texas are committed to providing support, encouragement, funding, resources, and managerial skills to ensure the organization operates in a manner that will fulfill the Mission Statement.


To facilitate the interaction of Youth Candidates/Christian Youth Organizations/and Property/Venue Providers whereby the Youth are provided with an opportunity to participate in an intense outdoor experience that fully explains the tenants of God’s love, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and provides assurance that God alone is their rock and fortress.

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