The Rock Texas

He only is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I shall not be shaken.


The ROCK is a Christ based salvation ministry organization that uses “outdoor with nature experiences” to reach the hearts of youths to relay the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.


The Rock’s emphasis is placed on youths who have no male role model present in the home or in a role of encouragement or guidance.


All donations to the ROCK are tax deductible and any person or organization donating to the ROCK will receive a receipt to write off the donation for tax purposes.


We provide youths direction or relief from situational challenges in their lives through Jesus Christ.

The ROCK functions as a facilitator and coordinator between numerous Dallas/Fort Worth area youth focused organizations engaged in educating youth in the gospel message of Jesus Christ and his church AND owners/caretakers of properties/venues with adequate facilities/opportunities who are willing to provide the youth with a weekend outdoor experience.

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